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---- Exclusively Selected Racing Items ----
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Item 001:4%-Silver Lead-free Ultra-Pure Solder

---- RCT-Original DVD & CD Videos ----
Europeans! No PAL TVs required: You can enjoy our DVDs on your PC!

DVD-019: Tamiya GP Final 2008 - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-018: TWCS-Tamiya World Championships 2008 - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-017: Tamiya GP Final 2007 - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-016: TWCS-Tamiya World Championships 2007 - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-015: Tamiya GP Final 2006 - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-014: TWCS-Tamiya World Championships 2006 - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-013: Mini-Z Cup Final Championships #3(Feb 2006) - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-012: TWCS-Tamiya World Championships 2005 - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-010: Mini-Z Cup Final Championships #2(Feb 2005) - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-008: TWCS-Tamiya World Championships 2004 - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-007: Mini-Z Cup Final Championships #1(Feb 2004) - DVD (NTSC & PC)

DVD-006: TWCS-Tamiya World Championships 2003 - DVD (NTSC & PC)

VCD-005: TWCS-Tamiya World Championships 2002 - CD-ROM(MPEG-1)

DVD-011: TWCS-Tamiya World Championships 2001 - DVD (NTSC & PC)

VCD-001: TWCS-Tamiya World Championships 2000 - CD-ROM(RealVideo)

VCD-004: 2001 JMRCA EP-TC Expert Cls Japan Nationals (CD-ROM)(MPEG-1)

VCD-002: 2000 JMRCA EP-TC Sport Cls Japan Nationals (CD-ROM)(RealVideo)


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